About Charles L. Culver & Associates, LLP. Horizontal Rule

Charles L. Culver is a railroad operations consultant with expertise in train handling, rules interpretation and railroad operations in general. He offers services of litigation support to both plaintiff and defense firms in accidents/incidents involving freight and passenger trains, and has testified extensively in these areas.

Projects outside the field of litigation include translation of the General Code of Operating Rules to Spanish in connection with the privatization of the Mexican railroad, and work with the United States government as an advisor/consultant in matters of railroad safety. He is an instructor of railroad operating rules, safety rules and air brake and train handling rules, as well as railroad operations and locomotive operation for trainmen. He works with railroad companies as a consultant addressing issues of operations and safety, and recently completed such a project with Canadian National/Grand Trunk Western Railway in Michigan.

His work with trial attorneys includes review of documents, assessment of operating procedures, rules interpretation and assistance in case preparation, as well as equipment testing and inspection of accident sites.

He is both a formerly certified locomotive engineer; and trained in the duties of designated supervisor of locomotive engineers.